Business Guidance

The Business Guidance led to the construction of management processes and organizational culture in just 3 weeks. We present the numbers of the existing results and build a project together to obtain a financial return that consists of cycles.

Information Technology Master Plan

This product / service aims to guide and / or develop the Information Technology Directive Plan – PDTI.

1 – Diagnosis

2 – Elaboration of the Technological Strategy

3 – Enable the IT (Information Technology) team

4 – Monitor the Plan’s Execution

5 – Delivery of the Plan

The PDTI will be effectively built by the business area and implemented by BALCORP and / or the company’s IT.

Management Operation

Using its own methodology, already tested and approved by several Customers, the Business Management Operation aims to operate small and medium businesses in a transparent and efficient manner. Using strategic planning, approved by the owners, BALCORP operates the implementation of the plan and builds robust processes, avoiding waste of resources and increasing the return on investment.

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