Customer management is essential to understand and retain them, these are some questions that we must ask all the time, as this will create the habit of constantly updating our Products / Services.

Satisfaction Survey (NPS)
Listening to customers
New products
New Services
Expansion Products / Services
Expansion of Sales Locations

Focus on the ideal customer, segment and region, allows you to make assertive investments in new products / services, MKT, making you sell more. This pillar has the following cycles:


1 – Implement processes to capture customer data / information;

2 – Identify customers by region, this can target advertising and marketing resources.

3 – Analysis of the quality of our Products / Services (NPS -Net Promoter Score methodology).


1 – Implementation of the compensation process for salespeople;

2 – Implementation of incentives to refer new customers;


1 – Search in the base of active Customers, the necessary adjustments in our Products / Services;

2 – Local and Products / Services expansion plan.

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