Being the largest company in Latin America, which best guides its clients, in order to turn them into a large profitable company and recognized by its employees as the best company to work for.


Monetize the company through simple and continuous decisions, using methodology that tracks results in a disciplined manner.


Simplicity, Happiness, Discipline and Delivery.

Balcorp Methodology

Through our own methodology, we simply implemented the view of financial data, then implemented an important phase of analysis of products and services to identify differentials and increase profit margin; Finally, the Customer pillar, rescuing old customers, expanding to new markets and consequently new customers.


Customer management is critical to understanding and retaining them, for example: Where is our customer (Location)? How did he find us? What does he look for? Are there processes in place to capture customer data?


A simple but very difficult question to answer, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENTIAL OF YOUR PRODUCT / SERVICE? We keep the same Product / Service for a long time without adding perceived value to our customer and end up losing it to the competitor.


The methodology is based on the diagnosis and construction of simple indicators for decision making. The course seeks to follow these indicators that will be built together with the team and the decision maker.

Ensure Progress of Method Implementation

Some of Our Customers

We at Balcorp have a large number of customers won over by our simplicity, transformation and happiness.

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